Sunday, 25 April 2010

Final Image Selection - Assessment 3...

This is our set of final images we chose to sumfit for this assignment. I am pleased with the outcome of this shoot and feel it is a lot more sucessfull than our previous groupwork shot. I really like the aspect of narrative the collection of images have and think the digital and polaroid photography compliment each other well.

Polaroids Photography...

Thort i'd do a quick bit of research into the use of polaroids through photography, As we are going to be using a combination of both digital and polaroid photography; the effect given and when best to use them! A selection of sourced images which work quite well as polaroids just from the internet.
''Polaroid photography was invented by Edwin Land. Land was the American inventor and physicist whose one-step process for developing and printing photographs created a revolution in photography - instant photography.''

Shoot day Two..

These two images wernt actually shot on the same day as the rest, They were taken on the Friday morning before returning the Photography exquipment. We staged a scence tearing out the picture from a newspaper and using a coffee cup as a prop put red lipstick on it so it appeared as though someone was planning a murder. We took a few shots with the feet in then the legs to see which worked best. Then finally went back down to Marsh lane bridge and Ayesha drew around me in chalk as i lay on the floor to create the outline. Both these images wewre taken in polariod.

More images..

Some more successful images that we have decided not to use!


Looking at our final imagery of the may be hard to distinguish how it realates to our final imagery. The idea is the model photographed at the start of the night appearing quite girly, innocent while flirting with the man in the takeaway, whereas if you look at our final image, the model is wearing a mans suit and appearing very androgynous, thus in turn creates a darker side to the character, did she commit the crime, is she still the victum...its quite unknown! This links back to our 'chalk and cheese' idea, the opposite sides of the personality to the character. Also linking with our object is the inspiration taken from the Guy Bourdin images with the chalk outline next to the car. We recreated this image in our own interpretation.

The Story..

I hav just realised that i havnt even posted anything recent about the narrative of our shoot. The idea is a murder mystery theme. Our model Jasmine will start out on a night out, and the scenes will follow her from different scences as she continues in her journey. We wanted quite an abstract look for this shoot, where all the images wern't just basically a fashion model posing in the usual glamourous style. Just finalising our final images now we have shot some on polaroid and some on digital and are hoping to combine them both, a few images per page to give us a larger selection of images.

Shoot day continued....

Our other location shoots continued and were preston bus station, we went for a moody, casual look for this image, the story basically was supposed 2 be having the model looking slightly worse for wear! her make up was smudged and she was very dressed down. our other location was the red phoneboxes in preston near the town centre, the bright red coloured phone boxes work really well against th cream mack. We kept the same clothing for our nest shot against the dingy brack wall, this was more of a fashion based image with less narrative, but i still think it works. Our final images were taken under the bridge on marsh lane, we wanted the model to be walking away in at least one shot so it gives that mysterious edge, of is it her, woz she the killer, or still the victum?? Ayesha took multiple shots of Jasmine walking away tehn on the other side of the road, with the street lamp and railings creating more mood about the image.
Above are some of the images, they arn't actually our final images but some of the best ones :)

Shoot day!!

We had our shoot day on thursday...little bit late and last minute but i am actually really pleased with how well it went, we had no hitches or slip ups that went against us. We met us at 3 to discuss clothing, styling etc, and then our model Jasmine (on a previous post) met us at 4 and a make up artist and hairdresser who Ayesha organised met us too. Our 1st location was in micks hut - a local takeaway near the train station. We had Jasmine dressed in a floral jumpsuit and heels, as though she was ready to go on a night out in preston. There is one particular image i really like which Ayesha shot, where a man is walking in to the takeaway and is a black outline, with the shot taken from outside the shop. I think this image is really interesting (especially as its unedited) and creates quite a narrative.

Friday, 23 April 2010


These set of images are of the locations we used around Preston for our shoot, There is a takeaway near the train station, preston bus station, the phone boxes, the bridge near marsh lane, there are also a few images of the shoot in progress!

Guy Bourdin and Charles Jourdan

This image is by Guy Bourdin and Charles Jourdan...we are thinking as our object is chalk that for maybe our final shot we could have a similar image, i think it fits in well with the murder mystery theme and helps to link our object with the shoot.

Monday, 19 April 2010

New Idea...

So it seems we have changed our idea again and were going down a different route now.
I think the idea of a more narrative shoot will be far more effective than a pure fashion based idea, We are still keeping a similar concept of dressing our model, as listed on a previous blog in different characters, but we want to give the shoot more of a story behind it rather than just pretty fashion images!! The idea is a murder mystery theme, we will take different shots in locations in preston of our model, which shall represent different stages in her life. For example the start of the night in her going out clothes, A shot leaving on a bus, and a close up shot of a torn newspaper and used coffee cup on the floor, hoping this gives our shoot narrative with giving too much away and being so literal. We will include our object chalk in the final shot (i think) as the model draws around herself on the floor.

Cindy Sherman for Vogue Paris

Cindy Sherman for Balenciaga featured in French Vogue.
Cindy Sherman is represented here by a sequence of her grotesquely masked impersonations of fashionistas, costumed head to toe in Balenciaga. Vogue Paris published it in August 2007.
Basically i thort of this shoot when grouping our ideas together, i love how Sherman is not afraid to take the mick out of herself as well as other famous icons, Anna Wintour for example. The shoot has a lot of character even though it is mocking the fashion industry.

Shoot imagery included above....

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Looking on model mayhem, i think we will probably just end up going for the typical fashion model look, tall thin with a structed face. i found this model Jasmine Brown who i think may be suitable...above are some images of her previous work.

5' 9"
125 lbs
Shoe size:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Eye color:
Skin color:


So the idea has possibily taken a different route again... we are now thinking more along the lines of doing a shoot based and identities and culture. The concept using one model, probably female and dressing her in different styles to represent identity. By using different types of clothing worn by various social group, for example gothic, emo, girly etc hopefully this will help to give the shoot narrative.


Another one of our concepts to look at was the use of chalk in sports..we got on to thinking about the sports which use chalk mainly on their hands as a form of grip. Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Dance (possibly) Rock climbing, Shotput. I searched for some imagery relating to these sports which includes chalk already. the concept behind this idea was to have a motion shot, maybe 3 images of different sports for example, weightlifting, dance and gymnastics and to have each athlete practicing there special sport, but taking the photograph in for example have the weightlifter lifting the weights with the chalk falling as he lifts. The idea is to show different types of people to create more of a narrative. I have sourced some images of the sports in action, some are examples of motion shots others are stills.