Friday, 22 January 2010


One of my favourite designers is Roberto Cavalli, i've always liked his collections, some can be quite samey but i love the prints, colour and vibrancy his creates through the garments in his shows. I have included a photoshoot of his from 2008, one of my favourite collections of his.

Previous Work...

Just a few images ov previous project i have completed throughout first and second year. I don't know what to say about them really, various projects styling and photographing, also some fashion illustration projects!

Friday, 15 January 2010

I found these images on flickr..i don't know who shot them/is the model but i like the lighting!

Greg contined...

These three photos in particular are some of my favourites of Greg's, I think they make you question what the image is about and why it has been taken. There are obviously reasons behind the picture i think Williams is trying to get you to think about.

Greg Williams

These set of images are by Greg Williams. I quite like narrative photography which tells a story or in some cases don't but leaves you to question what, where, why etc and creates all these connotatiions around the picture.
Greg's photographic style merges reportage together with cinematic lighting and composition. He has done a lot of advertising campaigns for magazines such as Vogue but also films, his projects include 'King Kong', 'Casino Royale.''

Stephen Eastwood

This first set of images are by Stephen Eastwood, he specialises in Beauty and Fashion but also does catologue and editorial photography.
I first came across his work last year when researching for my fashion illustration project. I like the vibrancy of his work, the colours he uses, work so well together. A lot of his work could be seen as quite comercial and very girly as he often uses props such as fruit and sweets, but i think it adds to his quirkiness.