Monday, 22 March 2010

Existing Fashion Photography..

I decided to research into exisiting fashion photography where the location of the shoot is set in a rocky area, either with the model standing, leaning on the rock etc, or plainly just in the background. First two images were found on a blog by indesign creative, which is a photography company for the use of fashion, commercial, travel etc. Next two are by Jason Christopher, The last one is an advertising campaign for Levelton, i really like the background in particular, i think the models look incredibly photoshoped in!!

Jarek Konarzewski Photographer for the TTH campaign Spring/Summer 2010

I came across this S/S campaign for TTH and thort it kind of tied in well with our chalk, beach theme! The concept here is that the photographer has constructed a set in which the wooden beach enviroment would be, then put real sand on the floor.


Thursday, 11 March 2010


Taken again from the collection below Fall 2010 by vandevorst, these two pieces are particularly unique, they have actual pieces of chalk embedded into the garments!

Review quotation taken from about the collection

''Black shirtdresses came in an abstract chalkboard print (blackboards and cardboard being the designers' twin obsessions for Fall), and drapey black cowl-neck sweaters were covered in actual chalk dust. As one model did her front-of-runway pivot, a pouf of white powder came off her.Toward the end, Arickx and Vandevorst sent out an otherwise plain button-front shirt with dozens of pieces of chalk held in place by rows of holsters. It was a funny, light moment, although it ultimately evoked bullets and guns. Were the husband-and-wife duo offering a "Make education, not war" pitch? Could be. But the important message is that they are back on track, updating the kind of basics that have potential in the stores. ''


I came across the collection by designers Filip Arickr and An Vandevorst which researching for my other styling brief! Basically for this collection what the designers did was to finish off some of there garments using chalk, examples below show this. Using tailores chalk to finish the pinstripes in the suits, there is even a couple of graffitied garments. Images from the collection above...

Chalk Magazine!

Whilst searching for inspiration on our given object which is 'chalk' i came across this fashion magazine, named chalk! I havnt actually herd of it myself but thort it was an interesting fact and linked to our project...

'2010 is the 10th anniversary of Chalk Magazine, and to celebrate, there’s going to be a top 10 list in every single issue! This month, Chalk names the 10 hottest couples on the college scene—find out what Simon Atkins loves about Kaye Garcia, what makes Evan Laraya and Mossah Carlos tick, what Jome Silayan and Karla Andrea Lopez Nieva have in common… and more! There’s also a guide on what to wear to your next hot date, plus suggestions from college students on the best date places in Manila. Read all about cover girl and Katorse star Erich Gonzales’ rise to fame, get to know cyberbabe Erika Tapalla and TV host Andre Endique, and find out how to copy your favorite literary heroine’s makeup looks. It’s all in Chalk’s February issue, in newsstands now.'

Here are some examples of past and present front covers of the magazine.

Chalk magazine is also associated with the Chalk Fashion Rock event, which organises campus fashion events for students.

Monday, 8 March 2010

dreams in chalk..

Just a few of my favourite images from a set i found of flickr.. i think this is a really creative idea and love how they have drawn the rest of the surrounding 'world' as it may be around the models in chalk


Met up with our group today to dicuss some possible idea's we had for the shoot...the concepts we came up with were things to do with chalk, it's uses, pharases connected to it and things which is may be made from
  • Chalk used in sports - rock climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting
  • Phrases - 'chalk and cheese' - maybe consider a shoot using two side's of the spectrum e.g black to white - contrasting
  • Tailores chalk - used for marking on measurements whilst making clothing
  • Phrases - 'chalk up' - which means to achieve something good
  • What chalk is made from - limescale - sedimentary rocks...
  • Chalk used in a classroom by teachers
  • Road markings which are drawn on by chalk
  • Chalk boards are often used in pubs - for darts, quizzes, or even in the household to write general notes or keep a list
  • Chalk could be used to create art - it's a form of pastels, which artists use..
  • Chalk used for street art - even to draw hop scotch on a childrens playground

I will look into work of artists, photogrophers and see if i can find any alternate shoots which use chalk or are symbolic of it's meaning such as the ' chalk and cheese' phrase perhaps!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Group Project 2

Today we were given our second group project, again we have to team up making groups of stylists and photographers. Our group is made up on Lauren, Ayesha and myself. We then had to choose an object from the table and have to incorporate the object were given in some way in to out photoshoot. The object we picked was chalk....