Monday, 8 March 2010


Met up with our group today to dicuss some possible idea's we had for the shoot...the concepts we came up with were things to do with chalk, it's uses, pharases connected to it and things which is may be made from
  • Chalk used in sports - rock climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting
  • Phrases - 'chalk and cheese' - maybe consider a shoot using two side's of the spectrum e.g black to white - contrasting
  • Tailores chalk - used for marking on measurements whilst making clothing
  • Phrases - 'chalk up' - which means to achieve something good
  • What chalk is made from - limescale - sedimentary rocks...
  • Chalk used in a classroom by teachers
  • Road markings which are drawn on by chalk
  • Chalk boards are often used in pubs - for darts, quizzes, or even in the household to write general notes or keep a list
  • Chalk could be used to create art - it's a form of pastels, which artists use..
  • Chalk used for street art - even to draw hop scotch on a childrens playground

I will look into work of artists, photogrophers and see if i can find any alternate shoots which use chalk or are symbolic of it's meaning such as the ' chalk and cheese' phrase perhaps!

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