Monday, 19 April 2010

New Idea...

So it seems we have changed our idea again and were going down a different route now.
I think the idea of a more narrative shoot will be far more effective than a pure fashion based idea, We are still keeping a similar concept of dressing our model, as listed on a previous blog in different characters, but we want to give the shoot more of a story behind it rather than just pretty fashion images!! The idea is a murder mystery theme, we will take different shots in locations in preston of our model, which shall represent different stages in her life. For example the start of the night in her going out clothes, A shot leaving on a bus, and a close up shot of a torn newspaper and used coffee cup on the floor, hoping this gives our shoot narrative with giving too much away and being so literal. We will include our object chalk in the final shot (i think) as the model draws around herself on the floor.

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