Sunday, 25 April 2010

Shoot day continued....

Our other location shoots continued and were preston bus station, we went for a moody, casual look for this image, the story basically was supposed 2 be having the model looking slightly worse for wear! her make up was smudged and she was very dressed down. our other location was the red phoneboxes in preston near the town centre, the bright red coloured phone boxes work really well against th cream mack. We kept the same clothing for our nest shot against the dingy brack wall, this was more of a fashion based image with less narrative, but i still think it works. Our final images were taken under the bridge on marsh lane, we wanted the model to be walking away in at least one shot so it gives that mysterious edge, of is it her, woz she the killer, or still the victum?? Ayesha took multiple shots of Jasmine walking away tehn on the other side of the road, with the street lamp and railings creating more mood about the image.
Above are some of the images, they arn't actually our final images but some of the best ones :)

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