Sunday, 25 April 2010

Shoot day!!

We had our shoot day on thursday...little bit late and last minute but i am actually really pleased with how well it went, we had no hitches or slip ups that went against us. We met us at 3 to discuss clothing, styling etc, and then our model Jasmine (on a previous post) met us at 4 and a make up artist and hairdresser who Ayesha organised met us too. Our 1st location was in micks hut - a local takeaway near the train station. We had Jasmine dressed in a floral jumpsuit and heels, as though she was ready to go on a night out in preston. There is one particular image i really like which Ayesha shot, where a man is walking in to the takeaway and is a black outline, with the shot taken from outside the shop. I think this image is really interesting (especially as its unedited) and creates quite a narrative.

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